Interesting and educational articles I’ve run across about UI, UX, design and development that I want to share and revisit.


Time Traveling with Enterprise Applications

“It was like the programmers just barfed the database onto the screen.”

By Jared Spool, User Interface Engineering

The Dribbblisation of Design

“If product design is about solving problems for people within the constraints of a specific business, then it simply feels that many people calling themselves product/UX designers are actually practicing digital art.”

By Paul Adams, Intercom

The State of UX in 2016

“People want to do one thing at a time, and they want to be guided through the flow as opposed to being prompted with multiple decision points at every step.”

By Fabricio Teixeira,


Moving from Critical Review to Critique

“I ask teams whether they do critiques. ‘Oh, yes. All the time,’’ they tell me. However, when I ask them what it is they do, it’s basically a meeting where someone’s work is criticized for what it’s missing. It’s a meeting where people who haven’t given the design problem or solution much thought, until that moment, rip apart the work of someone who has.”

By Jared Spool, User Interface Engineering

Four Things Working at Facebook Has Taught Me About Design Critique

“To really ensure feedback is kept helpful —truly in the form of critique and not criticism — Reeves gives us an outline for developing a clear distinction between the two: Criticism passes judgement — Critique poses questions…”

By Tanner Christensen, Facebook Design

Form Design

Web form design guidelines: an eyetracking study

“Users do not like to be visually distracted when filling in forms. They often want to get it done as quickly as possible. Therefore it is vital to design a clear and tidy form. Users do not mind filling in a rather long form with easy to understand and neat design than a short, visually cluttered and complicated form.”

By Chui Chui Tan, cxpartners

UI Pattern: Natural Language Form

“It’s easy to see how a sentence, written in natural language, is more engaging than a traditional form. For one because it’s a novel concept and this fact alone sparks interest. More importantly however, a natural language form reflects the mental model of a user better than a traditional form.”

By Jurgen Rohm, Jurgen Rohm

Dev environment

Getting Started with Homebrew

“Package management tools simplify and centralize the acquisition and installation of software on your computer system. In fact, they automate it. With a single command, you can install not only the software package that you’re looking for, but also all of its dependencies…

By Shannon Appelcline, Safari Books Online

Keeping Your Homebrew Up to Date

“This post expands upon [Getting Started with Homebrew] basic ideas by talking about how to keep your Homebrew up to date — and so ensure it’s doing its job optimally.”

By Shannon Appelcline, Safari Books Online

Ruby on Rails

How to manage users with Devise - Ruby on Rails

An accurate, easy-to-follow guide for getting Devise up and running in a Rails 4 app. I went through several different tutorials with no success before I found and succeeded with this one.

By Lukasz Muzyka, PeopleCanCode